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created by an interior designer / artist

Alexandra, interior designer / artist with expert knowledge of colours has created 45 beautiful muted tones of chalk paint for furniture and walls and 32 tones of user-friendly lime paint. With humble pride we introduce her 10 new colours of chalk paint, amongst which the 8 ‘soothing colours’. She has also curated her own collection of natural fabrics in colours that match the Arte di Vita paint colours perfectly to help others create harmonious interiors.

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Chalk Paint

Made in an honest Dutch factory from natural pigments

The colours have been inspired by nature, in particular the light in the North of Europe and Tuscany. Only natural pigments have been used. 35 beautiful tones arose from the vision that colours are important for both mind and body. Now 10 new chalk paint colours have been added, amongst which 8 ‘soothing colours’. These eight new tones are special because they have a soothing effect on people who spend time in rooms painted with these colours. There are also two new colours: ‘Tuscan Red’ and ‘For the Love of Tan’.

The Soothing Colours

Lime Paint

Easy-to-use lime paint in ready-made package

Arte di Vita Lime paint is a mineral paint that stands out because of its user friendliness, the beautiful colours and the velvety finish. With the clear instruction provided, anyone can make lime paint that is easy to apply and delivers a beautiful result. The lime paint comes in a lovely paper bag which contains the exact required amounts of pigment and lime. Just add water & stir and start applying.

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